Visualize Time : Organize Data

Visualize Time
Organize Data

Helix is a tool for visualizing time and analyzing information. Helix empowers users to better organize, understand, and share the value hidden in data.


A Next Generation Toolset

The Helix is a new tool designed for use in both 2D and immersive interfaces that provides an augmented perspective that empowers users to make better, more informed decisions.

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Visualize and Organize

  • Organize any set of time-oriented data, across any time scale - from super aeons to microseconds - with a single tool

  • As a virtual object, the Helix works as an index for data and container for media from the past, present and future


Explore and Connect

  • Explore time and data in multiple dimensions at the size that works for you - small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or be large enough to stand inside of

  • The Helix reveals hidden connections and patterns between all time scales, from the macro to the micro


Communicate and Collaborate

  • Present and share compelling visuals that are easy for anyone to understand

  • The Helix enables clear communication and easy collaboration


Decide and Act

  • With a more complete view of time it becomes possible to make more informed choices

  • The Helix empowers it’s users to act with greater confidence and speed

Ready for a next generation tool to manage your time and data?