Visualize Time : Organize Data

Helixaeon Inc 

We developed the Time Helix Technology because we realized there is a better way to visualize time than traditional calendars provide. The limited view of traditional grid calendars stands in the way of people getting the most out of their days, their lives, and hinders human progress as a whole.

It is our mission to help people become more intelligent about managing time and information. We are building a technology platform to support this mission of helping people evolve at scale.


Helixaeon Inc. is a time and data management technology company focused on creating tools that support long-term thinking, planning, and action. These tools are designed for personal, enterprise, and institutional use in both 2D and immersive displays.

Helixaeon has a distributed workforce with primary staff in Boulder, Colorado and the SF Bay Area, California. Our team is made up of designers, developers, and engineers. The core of the Helix data visualization is a patented three dimensional framework developed by Dan Richardson, Reyna Bryan, and Andrew Brandt. Helixaeon Inc. has additional utility and design patents pending on time technologies and the Time Helix model.