Visualize Time : Organize Data
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Helixaeon Inc 

We at Helixaeon believe that there is a need for better tools to help navigate the growing amount of information produced by the Information Age.

There is no end to the build up of digital clutter. This information, when visualized in a way that facilitates understanding, helps us to progress as a civilization - it drives research, development, and invention. And tools that support people in navigating this information are critical for our collective progress.

We originally developed the Helix because we realized there was a better way to visualize time than what what traditional calendars provide. Most people accept the limits of the calendar - but we don’t. This limited perspective is standing in the way of getting the most out of our days, our lives, and hinders human progress as a whole.

Helixaeon is developing new tools that better ground people in time, and therefore amplify their natural abilities to interpret information. By creating this updated, 3D toolset, we can help empower individuals, enterprises, and institutions to better understand data and make more informed choices.


Helixaeon Inc. is a software company that produces time and data management products for personal and enterprise use. These products utilize an interactive multi-dimensional data visualization that is designed for use in both 2D and immersive displays.

Helixaeon has a distributed workforce with primary staff in San Francisco, California and Boulder, Colorado. Our team is made up of designers, developers, and engineers. The core of the Helix data visualization is a three dimensional model based on time’s continuous flow. This model was developed in 2013 by Dan Richardson, Reyna Bryan, and Andrew Brandt. Helixaeon Inc. has multiple utility and design patents pending on the Time Helix model and its use.