We work directly with organizations to unlock the value in their data and archives of digital media. Whether their needs are focused on organization, assessment, or presentation, we develop applications that tailor the power of Helix to the specialized demands of our clients.

To get a better idea about what we can do for you, consider these use cases:


A financial planner is able to assess the probable outcomes of different investment strategies bygiving them a vantage point from which to view past data on everything from weather patterns to commodity prices. They can then use the Helix to communicate their investment strategy to their client in a way that is easy to understand.


A doctor can visualize a patient’s lifetime of medical records in a single view. Their team can turn layers of data off to see life events, conditions and treatments in isolation, then back on to see how they interact with each other. The surgeon can zoom in on areas of questionable activity and quickly call up notes from past exams.


An atmospheric researcher gains a common frame of reference within which to visualize and communicate El Niño weather patterns - a planet-scale phenomena that’s hard to interpret in terms of days, months and years. The Helix sheds light on the seemingly unexplainable relationships between complex systems. The scientist can use the Helix to describe those relationships to politicians and other laypeople.


A student can take the Helix with them from class to class and grade to grade, and use it as a storage mechanism and a tool for making sense of a seemingly fragmented collection of studies. And because the Helix can be used in standard 2D browsers as well as immersive displays, the tool will evolve and remain compatible with the student’s devices.


Individuals are able to organize and display the entirety of their digital information. The Helix creates a personal index: all of educational, professional, and health related data - plus the stream of status updates, photos, videos, and messages - all in one place. The result being a complete view of our online and offline worlds that provides a holistic perspective of life.