Working with WeRiseUP

We have just begun work with the WeRiseUP team. We are leveraging the Time Helix Framework as a storytelling tool that supports their narrative and mission:

“We (WeRiseUP) are collaborating with many prominent thought, social, political and business leaders to articulate a new model of success in the world. The film presents new emergent models of success - doing good, and doing well. We are committed to have this film significantly impact the definition of social responsibility, and is designed to generate new discourses that incite personal, cultural & global change.

WeRiseUP The Movie is a culture-shifting documentary film that is being produced with the United Nations and key global leaders including His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Amina Mohammad (Secretary-Deputy of the United Nations), Blake Mycoskie (CEO, TOMS Shoes), Moby (Grammy Musician), John Mackey (CEO, Whole Foods Market), Dwight Howard (NBA All-Star), Luke Nosek (Founder, PayPal), along with many others.

With the world is in the midst of a tremendous period of transition, our current models aren’t adequate to support the future that is quickly emerging. At this critical inflection point, WeRiseUP curates an intimate inquiry with leading business, entertainment, and thought leaders, along with voices of global citizens from all walks of life, to explore new models of success, prosperity, contribution and what it will take for humanity to create a thriving future.

WeRiseUP The Movie is launching at Sundance Film Festival in January 2019”

Click here to learn more about WeRiseUP

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The Helixaeon is honored to be collaborating with the WeRiseUP Team. Their narrative aligns with our mission of creating tools to help people evolve faster. We are excited to be part of the WeRiseUP Movement.

Dan Richardson