Helix is now playing in WeRiseUP

The Helix team was invited to attend to the WeRiseUp showing at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah! It was incredible to see the Helix on the big screen and be an integral part of the movie. Helix built a custom Time Helix model for WeRiseUp as a story telling tool supporting the narrative of the film.

WeRiseUp, hosted multiple events at Sundance including their official Sundance Launch & VIP Party, a WeRiseUP Industry Screening Event, and it WeRiseUp became the theme for the Sundance Institute fundraiser.


The Executive Producer of the film, Kate Maloney said: "We are so honored and excited to have the Helix Model of Time in the WeRiseUp movie. The Helix team perfectly embodies the WeRiseUp Movement - a great business that is doing well for the world. I am excited to see the impact they create by up-leveling the systems we use for understanding time"

She describes the mission and vision of the movie on their website: "WeRiseUP The Movie is a culture-shifting documentary to articulate new emergent concepts of prosperity, success and contribution. Our current model of success is destroying the planet & driving billions of people to unfulfilled lives. WeRiseUP the movie, and the movement, is about giving rise to individuals and businesses that do good - and do well. People are RisingUP to radically fulfilled, purpose driven lives.” Learn more about the WeRiseUP movement here: https://www.weriseup.com/movement

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During the film screenings, it was incredible to hear the audience quietly gasp in awe and wonder while the Helix animation was shown. We randomly surveyed the audience about the Helix and found it had a powerful impact on people’s perception of their place in the long arc of time. It is clear that seeing the Helix on the big screen is inspirational.

The WeRiseUp premiers are just beginning. The next planned showings are at the UN and the World Bank and then it will move on to global distribution. The WeRiseUp movie was also shown at the 2019 World Economic Forum at Davos where it received a standing ovation.

We feel privileged to be involved with the WeRiseUp movement and getting the Time Helix out in the world. We are most excited to be building the tools that support people in evolving at scale and living more capable fulfilling lives.

Dan Richardson